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What is the legal contribution for health?

The legal deduction for health in Chile is 7% of your taxable income with a cap of 4,921 UF).

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How soon must be declared and paid the listing of health?

The legal deduction for health in Chile, must be declared and paid within ten days the following month which they earned wages or pensions.

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How does it work the isapre system in Chile?

Isapres are health insurance companies that offer coverage by the amount agreed in clinics and medical centers. Affiliates can have a free choiced preferred plans.

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Is there a Isapres ranking in Chile?

The Isapres in chile  are constantly under supervision . it is regulated by the government   They keep a list of fines and  unwarranted  claims.

You can see it in the following link: Health Ranking


What is the difference between Fonasa and Isapres?

Fonasa is the public health system. Their Members have access to a network of hospitals, clinics and medical centers. only people who are registered in the system can be beneficiaries. And their legal dependents must be listed on the compensation fund.

Isapres may have affiliated persons under a hiring contract or independents and their legal and non legal beneficiaries; there is the possibility of having a saving account if theres a salary increment and health discount is greater than the agreed plan This savings can be used to pay for medical consultations, exams, emergency, etc.

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What is CAEC?

The CAEC is an extra insurance only for Isapres recipients which must be registered to be active. 

A high-cost disease is difficult to face. Making the right decisions is essential  for a future without economic hardship. CAEC gives additional financial to your existing health plan  to qualify for this insurance check if you are in one of those health institutions has CAEC within your contract. If so, please enable it within a very short time (48 hours).

CAEC enables you to finance 100% of hospitalization provided they are carried out within the country (This insurance has a deductible).

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